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Last week, the Asian American community was appalled to see entertainment media outlets report that all of the actors currently being considered for lead roles in AKIRA are white. A letter Racebending. Warner Bros. Even so, over the past decade, Warner Bros. Because Asian Americans are present in every major city in the United States, there is no need to change the ethnicity of the main characters while resetting this story to Manhattan.

Casting white actors for Asian lead characters will reinforce a glass ceiling and reduce opportunities for Asian American actors. Actors currently under consideration for the roles of Tetsuo and Kaneda in Akira. Image Credit: IndiWire. Comprised of thousands of supporters from over 50 countries worldwide, Racebending. The organization continues to follow film and television productions in order to promote diverse and fair casting opportunities. The organization has presented at academic conferences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Pennsylvania , and will host a table and panel at WonderCon this weekend.

Update: In July , Racebending. Categories: Akira , blog , Featured Tags: Akira , warner bros. I want a real live action version. Not some parody. This is good to hear, but if Warner Bros. No more waiting for them to respond.

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All of us who are against this type of racist casting need to not only knock on their doors to get them to listen to us, but we also need to get other people to join us in boycotting the movie. The movie needs to flop. Look at Last Airbender — despite protests, the movie still made substantial money.

Night Shyamalan has become a joke, and hardly any consumers actually respect him anymore, Racebending.

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Also, with the backing of asian actors and organizations, a sequel to TLA would just be even more of a joke and most likely make less money than the 1st. Boycotting would be the right way to go, but the problem we have is deep pockets, or more to the point lack thereof.


Kind of a big hurdle, yo. I understand that. It is a David vs. Goliath battle. But we still cannot give up. We do have the Internet to help spread the word. This makes no sense.

It undermines much of the drama. The best thing to do is spread the word. Make this article go viral. I mean if alexander wallace can cover that much publicity in just three days then this article can to. Just needs help from the power of the internet. Or — you could do the opposite.

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You could financially support Asian American Actors and Musicians. Maybe even join Project Catapult on facebook — getting everyone together to buy one CD or DVD and Catapult it onto the charts — proving that these actors are bankable. But, still, while we should seek to support Asian-American artists and filmmakers, try to also support the better ones. Supporting any of them, regardless of talent, can backfire. Yet, anyway, I do agree with your general, we do need to give our money to Asian-American entertainers, and boycott racist dealings by Hollywood, if we want anything to change.

These studios are insane. They might as well spit in the creators faces. The point is that either way, two classic and iconic starring roles originally written for Asian actors are being handed over to Caucasian actors, who already have their pick of the massive number of white heroic roles out there.


You have a point there, but I like what the letter in the original post said about Asians living everywhere and having a large presence in New York City. I really hate it when Hollywood changes a story from the way it was intended. Honor the source film, Warner Bros. Or else I definitely will not go see it. Wow, that is lame. They already screwed us with The Last Air Bender, now this. I heard a live action Bleach is also going to be cast with White actors as well.

Asian cultures also have people differentiated regional accents and swamp folks who use boats…. Remember, these Swampbenders also have Asian names Vietnamese, specifically and espouse Buddhist philosophies. Although it is also interesting to note that a large number of Vietnamese Americans live in the American gulf coast, and many have Southern accents.

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If you want to use spending power…caucasian still have it. Wow by far the most ignorant statement on here. Wow ignorant to the max. What would make them look more Japanese for you? Squinty eyes?

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A cast of all black hair and buck teeth? Well, I think he only saw the american soldiers and the Jamaican guys and african american leader of Killer Clowns look like a black face! Even if they were to put some thought into casting, and find appropriate actors, it is almost guaranteed that they would miss the point completely. That said, the failure to even consider a talented Asian actor for this role just drives home the point how little the execs care about making a genuine effort to do justice to the original.

Even they hire asian actors, we should be thinking about if they would turn it into Softie movie. Totally reducing the gang banger themed settings. This has nothing to do with the film so how can it bear the same name!!!!!!

This still happens in the 21st century. I hate having to announce my race before I comment but I am a black woman and am furious about this as well. I am in complete support of protest and boycotting this film if it moves forward with an all white cast. Asian guys are hot anyway and plenty of women think so. Hollywood needs to wake up and realize white men and women should not be cast in roles clearly not meant for them. I am also angry at the fact I heard the women are probabaly going to be Asian, leading more credence to a stereotype.

My question is also this: the man who owned the rights to the manga and anime and sold it, why does he not have any say so in its creation? The manga and anime industry is a business and they love money…even if it means selling some of their best work to the West. What about Chicago?!? Any place but NYC. Must stop!!

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As a white male, I am disgusted. Every time they contemplate doing this God will kill a kitten. So many talented Asian actors out there, and they want to cast theses losers. Buyers are fully responsible for making their payments. Payments are NOT taken at the removal site. Loading Assistance: A forklift will be available for loading assistance on a first-come, first-serve basis at auctioneers discretion.