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We will theory, proceeds through shortly reviewbelowhowsuch iscarried aprocedure out inthe ofscalarfields theory Minkowski let at this on mention that an space time; us, stage, important often inthe isthat ofthe issue, ignored conditions sat textbooks, boundary isfied the set of fields under consideration.

Kundeninformationen Original research dealing with the difficult problem of a Hamiltonian formalism for classical field theories No recent book on this issue exists. Ihr Name:. Folgen Sie uns beck-shop.

Symplectic structures related with higher order variational problems

Zustellung durch. Marsden and R. Montgomery, Momentum maps and classical relativistic fields.

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Hamiltonian field theory in the radiating regime - Semantic Scholar

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Hamiltonian Field Theory in the Radiating Regime Lecture Notes in Physics Monographs

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