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Vegetable Tannins Used in the Manufacture of Historic Leathers

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  • Tanning Chemistry – The Science of Leather!
  • Unit - Chemistry of Textiles: Tanning of Leather;
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Tanning Chemistry

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Replacing chromium with other tanning metals is an innovative approach that exploits the possibility that a series of known disadvantages of tanning metals used individually be reduced by heterocomplexation. The synthesis mechanism of stable combinations of chromium with other tanning metals: aluminum, iron, titanium, or zirconium is based on the stoichiometry of oxidation-reduction reactions which enables a wide range of combinations, the premise for obtaining various properties by tanning and retanning natural leather.

Tanning Chemistry by Anthony D Covington

The volume is intended as a useful reference for researchers, chemical auxiliary producers, experts in natural leather processing who are looking for clean and efficient solutions for wastewater pollutants, sludge or solid wastes while striving to preserve the known characteristics of mineral tanned natural leather. Leather tanning is one of the oldest human activities, which intelligently exploits an animal by-product, natural leather. Although lost in the mists of history, the evolution of leather processing is closely related to the history of humankind and scientific progress.

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Types of tanning practiced by mankind are closely related to intuitive knowledge about conservation of organic, putrescible materials and chemical materials which interact with the former. Enzymology is addressed as a separate topic, as are environmental impact and the future of leather.

The book will be useful to all those involved in the supply chain, from farm, through students, chemical suppliers and tanners, to leather goods brands. Leather science is the key to understanding leather technology, to make it work, to make it work better and to keep it ahead of the competition.

Tanning Chemistry : The Science of Leather.